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Why is content important for my brand?


Content is probably the most flexible tool online marketing has to offer. Think of any successful brand and you can be sure: it uses content marketing as an integral part of its marketing strategy to reach its target audience and spread its messages to the world. Whether it's in the form of text, images, video or audio, every business and website benefits from unique, high-quality content. High-quality content is essential for any contemporary brand looking to successfully communicate with its existing audience as well as new customers. 


A professional content agency as a partner becomes your own editorial team. They create a personal content strategy for you, take care of the production of your content and insert it exactly where you can best reach your customers and community. Meanwhile, you simply focus on what's important: your product.


How does ABCD mean by high-quality content?


High quality content is all about content done well — the ABCD way. Here, we focus on targeted communication and bespoke content strategies, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Our content picks up people where their interests lie. It is reliably researched, offers real added value and expands the visibility of our clients on the web. We want to give food for thought, provide service, open up new perspectives and tickle emotions. With high-quality content, we support our partners in providing the public with valuable talking points and attracting attention, which creates brand awareness, binds existing customers and generates new leads.


Long-term conversation: As a content agency, we want to effectively contribute to making the world of content marketing a better place. That's why we've developed strategies to put our partners on the map in a big way. Together, we initiate honest discussions and draw attention to grievances. We are convinced that valuable messages are much more sustainable than empty clickbaity ones. Only in this way have campaigns initiated with ABCD already been presented and debated in parliaments.


Out-of-the-box thinking: Contemporary brands and products rarely make clumsy advertisements — they rather stand out through smart marketing. As a content agency, we provide you with all the content you need for your content-based corporate communication. Our agency editorial team is well versed in a wide range of formats. No matter what you're looking for — high-quality, SEO-optimised landing page texts or blog posts, press releases with real news value, viral social media input, or professional white papers that position your brand as an industry expert — ABCD's content team has the necessary experience and fresh ideas every day to find the right words for your product, your visions and your target group.


Journalistic quality: In content production as well as research, we clearly take our standards from journalism and established media. We believe that you can only reach target groups with convincing texts that are easy to understand, do without exaggerated superlatives and are based on the latest scientific findings and data. Our content team therefore consists of media and news experts and former news and specialist editors who use the same quality standards for the research and production of your content as editors, journalists and reporters in the wide-reaching media houses and publishing houses. 


Cooperation and appreciation: ABCD also develops high-quality content because our diverse team relies on the exchange and feedback of experts and communities. We want to be respectful, sensitive and inclusive. Breaking down role clichés and stereotypes is much more fun than simply using them for clumsy marketing purposes, as was often the case in the past.


If you want to benefit from our creativity, experience, approaches and values, then get in touch with the ABCD team without obligation and let's see what we can come up with together! 

What our clients say about us  


We love content and our clients notice that. Since our founding, the ABCD team has provided far more than 100 brands with high-quality content, giving them reach and attention.



Digital Marketing Manager, Aeris

We approached ABCD to professionally produced, SEO friendly German articles for our website. ABCD impressed by delivering on a tight deadline, and only limited input from our side. They handled the rather technical nature of the topics very well and were able to deliver great content on time and on budget.

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FAQ about content agencies 


Do I need a content agency?

It is typically quicker, cheaper, and more efficient working with a content agency, as building a content team in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. You should not underestimate the effort and money it takes to do so. The best content teams have a diverse range of abilities, including SEO knowledge, analytical skills, proofreading expertise, creativity, and of course, the ability to produce immaculate copy. A content agency like ABCD already has an experienced team who are highly skilled in all these areas. 

What different content formats are there? 

There are now countless content formats for you to leverage. Fortunately, not every brand has to use every format — some formats will be more useful than others, depending on your brand and who you’re trying to reach. Target groups are reached individually and the content goal, such as lead generation, branding, trust building, and so on, is always different. The ABCD team can help with the right strategy. The most common content formats are visual, auditory or audiovisual. These include:


  • SEO-optimised website texts

  • Blog posts

  • Press releases

  • Lead generation articles

  • Newsletters

  • Social Media Posts

  • E-Books and Whitepapers

  • Studies, surveys, data analysis

  • Videos

  • Music

  • Images and photos

  • Infographics

  • Illustrations, GIFs, memes

  • Podcasts and audiobooks

Do you only do content for big brands? 


​We’ve worked with more than 200 brands since 2015. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about who we’ve supported as a content agency — it ranges from tiny startups to multinational, publicly-listed companies.

What budget do I need for a content agency? 


​Our work doesn't fit into any template and that's why we don't have a ready-made offer. We develop content strategies based on what you need most and what is important to you. Some of our most successful content campaigns have been with small and medium-sized businesses and funded start-ups with small budgets. So we don't just do content for big brands, but we do it too. In most cases, we support established brands with fresh strategies and new ideas that are out of the box.

Any other questions? 


Just write to us via the contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible


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