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Why do I need content seeding?


Since the emergence of digital and social media, the content landscape has become more competitive than ever. In a world where so much content is created and shared on a daily basis, it’s important to make sure your brand’s content stands out from the crowd and reaches the right people. Content seeding is a great way to proactively ensure your content is picked up by target media outlets and seen by relevant audiences.


What are the benefits of content seeding? 

Content seeding is a great addition to any inbound marketing strategy because it can help your brand:

  • Reach a wider, more targeted audience

  • Gain more authority and credibility 

  • Secure backlinks from top tier media 

  • Increase your overall brand awareness 

  • Boost website traffic

  • Increase sales 

How do we approach content seeding? 

First, we need to understand whether you have any existing content that you’d like us to seed, or whether we need to create new content based on a bespoke content marketing strategy. We’ll also discuss your target media and overarching goals. 


Content audit

If you already have good content but lack the resources to seed it, then we will gladly take over the seeding processes. During the content audit, we will determine your brand’s most valuable existing content and identify ways to improve it further and seed it to its full potential. Through decades of combined experience, we ensure that all good content is maximised.



In order to give your content the best chance of success, we will personally reach out to a handful of the most relevant journalists, in order to receive feedback on the content. Their feedback enables us to tweak the content if necessary, in order for us to maximise results when we seed among a broader pool of journalists and media outlets. This is an essential step that is well worth taking. 




As influencers, opinion leaders and journalists receive hundreds of pitches on a daily basis, we build up relations with them in order to make sure our pitches get their attention. Over the last few years, we have been able to build up an extensive international network of media publications through mutually beneficial relationships. Our media network includes international, national and local newspapers. Our media network further includes special interest magazines, startup publications, as well as niche publications from various industries including but not limited to the business, tech, health, financial and fashion & lifestyle industry. 


Over the course of the past years, we have become renowned around the world as an agency who delivers interesting, credible and bespoke content. We’ve built relationships with journalists in the UK, US and across Europe. As a Berlin-based agency, we  are particularly well-known among German-speaking  publications.


In-house support 


If your brand already has relationships with other publications, works with another PR agency, or already does content seeding in-house, we can also work in a collaborative set up. What do we bring to the table? An efficient seeding process with a focus on acquiring as many media clippings from as many unique media publications. 

How do you report on the results of the content seeding activities? 

Before we kick off the seeding activities, we establish the goals for the work we do. All of the coverage and backlinks we secure are kept in our custom-built reports. We can customise your report to highlight the key metrics important to you such as media reach, social shares, the domain rating from Ahrefs, backlink versus mention, keyword positions, and so on. In addition to this, we’ll set up weekly check-in betweens with your brand and a dedicated account manager from ABCD, who will report on the latest updates, including results. 


Examples of our content seeding campaigns

What our clients say about us 

Content seeding is one of our favourite activities here at ABCD. Since we started out, we’ve seeded content on behalf of hundreds of brands, ranging from small startups to established publicly-listed companies.

Norman Nielsen.jpeg


Director of Organic, Omio

Our “Elegant City Index” we did at Zalando was created by ABCD and turned out to be a huge success in media all over the world, with more than 300 clippings. We are particularly happy with the creative input that we received from Robin Wilfert, the founder of ABCD. The campaign also led to significant improvement in our performance marketing.

FAQ about content seeding 


What is content seeding? 


Content seeding is a strategic approach to content distribution across the media. In the simplest of terms, content seeding is the practice of successfully placing your content in a place where people are likely to find it. Content seeding should result in inbound links to your content (hosted on your website) and a subsequent increase in visibility and traffic for your brand. By creating relevant, interesting, and newsworthy content, and then making people aware of it through content seeding, you will encourage media publications to cover it — and ideally link back to it.

What is the aim of content seeding? 


The main objective of seeding is to convince industry thought leaders, media publications, and influencers to validate, publish, and link to your content from their network. Through this, the reach and awareness of your original content is increased greatly. When your content has been validated by others, it becomes more reputable, helping you to establish authority and credibility within a certain topic. What’s more, backlinks to your content from thought leaders, media publications and influences will improve your organic keyword rankings, organic traffic, and visibility. Improved organic keyword rankings, more organic traffic, plus increased visibility work together to deliver a fuller sales pipeline over time. 

How can content seeding help my brand? 

If you successfully produce and seed high quality content over time, an ever-increasing audience will recognise and ultimately trust your brand. Because of this, content seeding campaigns can help you foster a larger customer base and generate more sales.

How do I get started with content seeding? 


We’d love to help you tap into content seeding as a valuable marketing strategy. Use our contact form or Chatbot to reach out and we’ll set up a call with you. We’re excited to learn more about your brand, any existing content, your ideas, and goals. We’ll provide you with information on past content seeding campaigns, timelines and pricing.

Any other questions? 


Feel free to say hello using the contact form or Chatbot. 

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