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Why should I do digital PR ?


Digital PR is an essential pillar of any online marketing strategy. Digital PR can help you to raise brand awareness among online audiences, and to gain authority and legitimacy within your industry. In the long-term, successful digital PR activity translates into stronger brand recognition, an expanded customer base, and more sales. 


How do you approach digital PR at ABCD?


At ABCD, we’re driven by a shared passion for helping brands go viral online through shareworthy, relevant and informative content. Our team uses a refined approach to digital PR to ensure the best-possible results for our clients.


Ideation: We constantly monitor online trends and topics in order to identify exciting opportunities and stay on the pulse—originality and viral potential are important to us. Our creative team comes up with newsworthy ideas for brands we work with (and even brands we don’t yet!), and we know how to come up with ideas for any industry. To keep our fingers on the pulse, we’re always evaluating what’s performing well right now (and what’s not) in the world of digital PR. 


Pitch: After careful discussion and consideration, we will pitch you a range of creative ideas. Based on your feedback, we refine and tweak if necessary, and then provide you a timeline for delivery. 


Creation: Our in-house researchers, creatives, and content superstars work together to produce an awesome digital PR campaign on behalf of a client. Every digital PR campaign by ABCD is different, but we approach each one in the same way: it must involve a great idea, extensive background research, and top-quality content. We’ll hold regular check-ins with you to ensure maximum satisfaction with the end product. 


Distribution: Our talented distribution team identifies channels and media outlets to target with the digital PR campaign. Their skilled pitching, extensive range of contacts, and deep understanding of online media, helps you and your brand to reach relevant audiences. 

Reporting: The distribution team closely monitors the impact and reach of the digital PR campaign, and provides ongoing reporting to help the client track its progress over time.

Digital PR case studies 

Interested in learning more about some of our top digital PR campaigns that we ideated, created and distributed in the last few years? Check out our case studies below to read more about some of our favourites. Alternatively, reach out to our team and we’ll gladly walk you through examples of past campaigns that may be relevant to your brand over video call.

What our clients say about us 

We’re proud of our reputation as digital PR experts, and have secured over 24,000 clippings on behalf of our clients to date.

Arsenia Nikolaeva.jpeg


Head of PR, SumUp

Working with ABCD on the Small Business Index 2019 was a great experience, as they are a professional, reliable, and friendly agency to work with. Everything was taken care of from ideation to execution and they kept us informed at every stage of the process. The data-driven campaigns they have delivered for us were exciting, newsworthy, and had great media traction. 


In total, they secured over 130 clippings – backlinks, press mentions, and print articles – across all our main target markets. Our internal sales team were even able to utilise the data from the campaign. We’re very happy with the results and would recommend ABCD to any company looking to build their brand awareness and exposure.

Q&A about digital PR 


What is digital PR? 


Digital PR is a strategy used by online marketers to increase awareness of a brand among online audiences. It is the evolution of traditional PR (which reaches offline audiences such as print) into the digital space, allowing brands to reach much larger audiences in a shorter space of time. 

What is the difference between digital PR and traditional PR? 


Traditional PR is about reaching offline audiences—for example, readers of print media who like getting a physical newspaper or magazine. It’s also about managing reputation in the public eye in general. In contrast, as the name suggests, digital PR is more about reaching digital audiences—in essence, people who consume content online. The online nature of Digital PR makes it easier to measure impact, such as website traffic, leads, and sales. 

What are the short term benefits of digital PR?


In the short term, digital PR campaigns can help brands to reach huge online audiences in very little time. Over the past decade, the amount of content consumed digitally has increased massively. A successful digital PR campaign should help a brand to get their content in front of a big online audience—creating buzz, increasing brand visibility, and even driving traffic to a website in the process. Depending on the nature of the digital PR campaign, this increase in traffic can also generate short-term leads and sales. 

What are the long term benefits of digital PR?


A successful digital PR campaign is worth sharing, which is why they can generate loads of backlinks to a company’s website from online news sites and blogs, for example, who want to share the content with their audiences. As backlinks are one of the most important signals in Google’s ranking algorithm, more good-quality backlinks to a brand’s website will contribute to Google trusting that brand more. 


As backlinks act as a kind of trust signal to Google, building good-quality backlinks to a company website through digital PR campaigns translates to improved keyword rankings in the longer term on the world’s largest search engine. A stronger portfolio of organic keyword rankings on Google will help to increase organic traffic to a website. Increasing organic traffic to a website is a great strategy for companies to drive unpaid traffic and generate leads and sales over time.


How do I measure the success of digital PR? 


Measuring success of digital PR varies depending on what the brand wants to achieve with the campaign. For some, digital PR is about reaching the largest possible online audience, to create buzz and visibility. In this instance, metrics such as online impressions, social engagements, total backlinks and traffic to a website are good indicators of a viral digital PR campaign. For others, digital PR is less about virality and more about reaching specific online audiences that may not be large in size but high in relevance and value. In this instance, coverage in specific outlets and new leads are better success indicators.

How do I get started with digital PR? 


Are you interested in harnessing the power of this exciting online strategy for your brand? Reach out to us at ABCD Agency and we’ll set up a call about how to get started with digital PR. Depending on the size of the desired stunt and our availability, we can deliver a digital PR campaign on behalf of your brand within months.

Any other questions? 


Get in touch with us using the contact form and one of our team will be in touch with you.

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