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Why do I need a content marketing agency?


Content marketing is an essential part of any contemporary marketing strategy. It’s an effective, low-cost channel for raising awareness, building trust, improving conversions and generating leads. From well-researched creative campaigns to special insider guides, content marketing is about creating a connection between your brand and a potential consumer — through engaging, informative content that speaks to people.


How we work as a content marketing agency

Content marketing is one of our core services here at ABCD. We create bespoke content marketing strategies on behalf of brands, based on specific needs. If you’re interested in working with us, we will make sure to properly understand your goals, product and brand, and then strategise and execute accordingly. 


An essential part of successful content marketing is identifying what opportunities are out there. That’s why we conduct a content gap analysis for all our clients, which helps us identify what’s missing in your existing content offering, and from the content offering of others. Additionally, our deep understanding of the media landscape and consistent tracking of the news agenda helps us to come up with creative approaches to content marketing. We love tapping into trending topics that are best suited to your brand — without being too brand-heavy. We also enjoy working together with in-house content marketing teams, in order to share insights and brainstorm together. 


Once we have pitched the content marketing strategy to you, you provide us with your feedback. Based on your feedback, we create a detailed roadmap that provides an overview of the next steps. 


We approach content marketing campaigns in the following way: 

  • Content audit 

  • Campaign ideation

  • Research and statistical analysis

  • Data visualisation and infographic creation

  • Landing page copy and press release creation 

  • Pitching and distribution

  • Reporting 


Our highly collaborative content marketing team consists of content managers, distribution managers, designers and researchers. They work together to create content marketing assets that are unique and perfectly suited to your brand. Ideally, these assets are then hosted on your website, allowing us to drive traffic and build links to your brand. We make sure all content is fully optimised, in order to increase overall keyword rankings, traffic and results in the long run. Content marketing campaigns can be beautiful, but the best ones are also discoverable!

How does a content marketing agency report on the results? 


Before we kick off the strategy, we establish the goals for the work we do. Our reports are custom-built to your requirements. We can customise your report to highlight the key metrics important to you. This could be focusing on specific metrics such as media reach, social shares, the domain rating from Ahrefs, backlink vs mention, keyword positions, and so on. In addition to this, we’ll set up weekly check-in betweens with your brand and a dedicated account manager from ABCD, who will report on the latest updates, including results.

What our clients say about us 


Content marketing is our bread and butter here at ABCD. Since we started out, we’ve enabled hundreds of brands to leverage the power of content marketing.

Tymon Weidemair.jpeg


CEO, Ticketlens

Working with ABCD Agency has been a great experience. They have been a flexible, professional, and transparent partner to work with.  They delivered campaigns on ‘The Most Expensive Attractions Worldwide’ and ‘The Most Expensive Views Worldwide’. Both were exceptionally relevant to our service whilst also achieving excellent media attention. The campaigns secured over 120 clippings in total across  prominent media outlets, such as BILD, MSN, and Business Traveler.

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FAQ about content marketing agencies 

Is content marketing a short-term or long-term marketing strategy? 

Content marketing does make an impact in the short term, but it is actually a scalable, long term strategy.

At ABCD, we focus on creating helpful, newsworthy, timely, as well as evergreen content that your audience is searching for. We make sure the content we create is optimised for the right keywords, thereby improving your organic keyword portfolio, thus generating consistent search traffic. Because the traffic from content marketing is organic (and therefore free), it is a great channel for bringing in good-quality traffic at a low cost over time. 

Will a content marketing agency improve conversions? 

Ninety-two percent of consumers will visit a brand’s website for the first time for reasons other than making a purchase. Instead, they go on a journey. Content marketing campaigns help to build awareness and interest about a product or service. 


  • Awareness: They first learn of your brand’s existence — if you’re a startup, we can help you kick things off with specific awareness campaigns. 

  • Interest: Next, the customer gathers information about how your brand and product offers a solution to the problem they face.

  • Consideration: After absorbing this information, they keep your brand in mind — for example, sharing a landing page with a friend, bookmarking your website, downloading your app, or signing up to your weekly newsletter.

  • Conversion: Thanks to sufficient levels of awareness, interest, and consideration about your brand, the user is convinced — and becomes a customer.

Working with a content marketing agency can help your brand to better address the first three points of the customer journey above, and therefore improve conversion.

How expensive is a content marketing agency? 

Content marketing is often cheaper in the long-term than other marketing channels.

According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing brings in three times the number of leads than paid search per euro spent and generates more than three times the leads as outbound marketing — and costs 62% less! Additionally, companies who post regular blog content see a 126% lead growth. Finally, content marketing brings in six times the conversions when compared to other methods.


Working with a content marketing agency may be cheaper and quicker than building a team in-house. Working with an agency saves on hiring costs and on certain fixed costs, like salaries and tools needed for content marketing. By working with an agency, you’re able to leverage a team that’s already set up, highly specialised in the field,  and ready to make an impact on behalf of your brand.

What are the advantages of working with a boutique content marketing agency?


​It’s easier to build strong working relationships and work more collaboratively with boutique agencies like ABCD, because of our smaller size and emphasis on going the extra mile for every single client. In addition to this, our boutique size allows us to be more flexible compared to traditional content marketing agencies, and offer more bespoke plans.

How do I get started with a content marketing agency? 


We’d love to chat about how your brand could start tapping into content marketing. Use our contact form or Chatbot to reach out and we’ll set up a call with you. We’re excited to learn more about your brand, your ideas, and to share our ideas. We’ll provide you with information on past campaigns, timelines and pricing.

Any other questions? 


Get in touch with us and let’s talk about content marketing. Use the contact form and we’ll be in touch. 


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