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Why do I need a SEO agency?

You may have created a visually appealing website that receives regular visitors but does your website rank highly on search engine results page (SERPs)? Customers know what they want, and they’re looking for it at the top of Google. In recent years, it has been reported that over 90% of search traffic clicks are on page one! That’s why SEO is so important for your brand. 


ABCD can support you in establishing a strong foundation for your websites with a clean, effective user experience that is easily discoverable in search through SEO activities. Our experienced team will create a strategy that includes effective ways to boost traffic to your website through techniques like conducting site audits and keyword analysis, removing broken links that are harmful to your site rankings, creating high quality content and more. 


Our SEO experts will help increase your organic search traffic, which is a massive part of most businesses’ website performance and a critical component of the buyer funnel and ultimately getting users to complete a conversion or engagement. In addition to this, we also focus on off-page elements and will build relevant backlinks to your website. This will help build long-term equity for your brand. A good ranking and a favourable placement elevates your brand’s profile. 


How we can help with your international SEO


If the visitors of your website come from a different country than where you're located, speak different languages, or both, then it may be time to create a better experience for all of your international visitors and start investing in international SEO. The internationalisation of a website goes beyond simply translating: it’s critical to consider country-specific characteristics such as culture, mentality or preferences of the respective audience. 


Together with our in-house linguists, we can help you devise an international SEO strategy that looks at:


  • The most important markets for your business

  • URL specific country targeting and language targeting 

  • The cultural differences within and between those markets

  • Search and browse behaviour between those markets

  • The competitive landscape for that market

  • Where people get information about your industry in that market


If you’re looking for support with your international SEO activities or you are trying to adjust your SEO strategy, get in touch with us using the contact form and one of our team will be in touch with you.

How we work as an SEO agency


We look to cater your SEO strategy based on your site’s specific needs and spend a lot of time talking and listening to you so we understand your goals, product and brand. We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all in SEO as every business is different and every goal is different. 


We also love to work together with your in-house SEO or PR teams in order to share insights and enrich each other's knowledge and experiences. Depending on the outcome of the conversations, we may place a high emphasis on your on-page SEO, which focuses on the content of your website and whether it is well optimised for the keywords you are trying to rank for.


Alternatively, we improve your off-page SEO, which focuses on building relevant backlinks to your website. Backlinks function as votes or citations of trust, therefore if your competitors are outperforming you and have a stronger backlink profile, a big part of the strategy will be focused around securing the best and most relevant backlinks. 

How does a SEO agency report on the results?


Before we kick off the strategy, we establish the goals for the work we do. Our reports are custom-built to your requirements. We can customise your report to highlight the key metrics important to you. This could be focusing on specific metrics such as the domain rating from Ahrefs or keyword positions. In addition to this, you will have weekly scheduled calls with your account manager who will report on the work and results.

What our clients say about us  


SEO is at the core of what we do here at ABCD. Since we started out, we’ve supported hundreds of brands with improving their search engine optimisation.



Founder, YouDiscover

ABCD's creative SEO approach has helped us to significantly expand our reach via our content, attracting new visitors to our website. We now rank for important keywords. I would recommend ABCD to any business looking to benefit from SEO.

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FAQ about SEO agencies


What services do you offer as an SEO agency? 


Besides on-going pr activities, influencer marketing and lead generation services, our SEO services include:

  • Digital PR: making sure that your site and brand receives more attention.

  • Technical SEO audits: making sure that search engines can crawl your site.

  • Content audits: making sure that your content covers your target topics.

  • Keyword research: making sure we understand what your customers search for.

  • Backlink audits: making sure your backlink profile is strong.

  • On-page optimisation: making sure your pages are SEO optimised.

  • Link building: making sure we secure more backlinks to your site from credible, relevant sources. 


If you need help with your SEO then use our contact form our Chatbot to reach out and we’ll set up a call. 

What are the advantages of working with a boutique SEO agency? 

Boutique agencies like ABCD Agency allow you to build a strong working relationship and work more collaboratively. Every client is valued equally. In addition to this, we embrace flexibility and creativity and enjoy being seen as an extension of your team. 

What are the average costs of working with a SEO agency?


​The price of an SEO campaign depends on what work (if any) you’ve had done before, what internal resources you can dedicate, how difficult a target your keywords are (how competitive your niche is) and what your goals are. If you are looking for off-page support only or whether you also need help with your on page optimisation. If you want to find more, use our contact form our Chatbot to reach out and we’ll set up a call.

How do I get started with a SEO agency? 

We’d love to find out how we can help you leverage the power of search engine optimisation. Use our contact form to reach out and we’ll set up a call. We’re excited to learn more about your business and the areas needing support. We’ll provide you with information on timelines and pricing.

Any other questions? 


Get in touch with us and let’s talk about SEO! Use the contact form and we’ll be in touch. 


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