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Why should I do performance PR?


Performance PR helps increase your brand awareness and overall online visibility through newsworthy content campaigns that journalists want to write about. The advantage of performance PR over “traditional PR” is that activities and costs are more results-oriented. Important key performance indicators (KPIs) of a typical performance PR campaign include the total number of brand mentions for a campaign, the number of backlinks, and their respective domain rating. Pricing for performance PR is also more results-orientated. The total cost of a campaign does not depend on the amount of time spent, but on its success. That makes it the perfect option for businesses who have very clear performance goals and need to attribute PR spending to specific outcomes.


How do you approach performance PR?

If you are interested in performance PR, we can set up a call where we discuss your needs and requirements. What are your overall goals? What publications would you like to obtain coverage in or get links from? Do you have any internal data available that we can use for creative campaigns? What is your budget? Our main aim with performance PR specifically, is to help your brand achieve the best possible outcome with a pricing structure that is based on results.


In our performance PR campaigns, we create newsworthy, original content and tell unique stories. We look at trends and media agendas in order to create content that resonates with journalists as well as your audience. By hosting the content (or linkable asset) on your website, we’re able to build top-quality backlinks to your domain. We make sure to provide you with everything you need to make the campaign stand out — such as interactive graphics, tables, and engaging landing page copy. We also take care of creating the press releases, media lists, as well as pitching to the media. The results of your performance PR campaign will be kept in a report that can be customised according to your needs.

What does a performance PR contract look like?

Our performance PR contracts can be tailored around your needs and requirements. While more traditional PR contracts involve a monthly retainer fee, our performance PR contracts include a bespoke pricing structure that means you’ll only pay for coverage that satisfies your criteria. For example: 


Number of tier one clippings: Are you interested in media clippings in specific outlets? Performance-based contracts can incorporate specific target publications into the pricing structure.


Number of backlinks: Securing high-quality backlinks from media outlets is a top priority for many brands, and it’s central to what we do here at ABCD. If backlinks are an important metric for you, we can incorporate this into the performance PR contract. 

Domain Rating (DR): Domain rating is a score that underlines how authoritative a site is considered to be by search engines. Websites with better domain ratings enjoy higher organic ranking in the search engine results page. The score falls on a 1-100 scale with 100 being the best. If you are interested in receiving backlinks from media outlets with a domain rating score over a certain number, we’ll gladly incorporate domain rating thresholds into your performance PR contracts. That way, you only pay for backlinks that you’re happy with. 

Performance PR case studies 


Interested in learning more about some past performance PR campaigns at ABCD? We’ve shared some case studies below to give you a better idea of what a performance PR campaign can look like. If you prefer to set up a call to hear more over a video call or via email, feel free to reach out using the contact box.

What our clients say about us 

Performance PR is a real crowd pleaser, because the price paid for the campaign is always a fair reflection of its success. We’ve pulled off a wide range of performance PR campaigns since our inception in 2015. Check out the testimonial below from a very happy client.

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at


Communications Consultant, Intra PR

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Susanna and the rest of the ABCD team. Since we started our partnership in 2020, ABCD has secured more than 800 clippings and 600 backlinks for Preply. Their openness to a performance-based arrangement makes them an attractive agency partner and they continue to deliver great results. 

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Q&A about performance PR 


What is the difference between performance PR and traditional PR? 

Performance PR is essentially a special form of PR with a different pricing structure, whereby companies pay based on the performance of the campaign. Performance PR contracts include special performance-related fees which are due when certain targets are achieved. Those targets may be coverage in certain media outlets or backlinks with a certain domain rating, for example. 


In contrast, public relations firms offering more traditional PR typically charge a fixed monthly retainer fee for the service. Traditional PR is usually more of an ongoing service over a long period of time, whereas performance PR is more about specific campaigns being outreached during a shorter contract duration.

Which is better for my brand?


Both performance PR and traditional PR have huge potential. Which is better for you depends on the nature of your company and your overall objectives. Performance PR is great for businesses who have ambitious short-term performance goals and need to attribute PR spending to specific outcomes. It can be the perfect fit for small startups who don’t want to commit too much budget to PR yet, but are curious about trialling it as a marketing channel.


In contrast, traditional PR is well-suited to brands who are looking for more extensive support over at least a twelve-month period.


What is the main benefit of performance PR?


Unlike traditional PR, performance PR allows you to pay only for targeted results, tracking performance and attaining maximum reach. Therefore, the cost of a PR campaign can be directly linked to its success. This allows you to minimise risk.

Are you interested in a performance PR campaign? 


If you want to start planning performance PR campaigns with ABCD, let’s chat! Reach out to us using the chat bot or contact form and we’ll review our availability.

Any other questions? 


Get in touch with us using the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch with you.


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