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Why do I need an influencer marketing agency?


Because influencer marketing is a highly crowded and competitive space, it has become more important than ever that influencer marketing activities are well-researched, targeted, relevant and  provide added value. ABCD helps you build the most effective campaigns possible by leveraging our experience and knowledge to help drive brand engagement and sales. We strategise, execute, and manage influencer marketing campaigns through various forms such as product reviews, giveaways, paid advertising, discount codes, brand ambassadors and more. Our expertise allows us to optimise campaigns in a way in which you are protected against fake engagement or overwhelming results of engagement. 


We take on all of the responsibilities that your in-house team may not have time for, including but not limited to including finding and vetting influencers, establishing publishing schedules, creating brand guidelines, negotiating rates and contracts and measuring the overall performance of the campaign. Some influencer marketing agencies specialise in producing influencer campaigns for all social media channels, whereas we specialise in Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. 


Influencer marketing campaigns typically involve one or more of the following types of activities:


Product reviews: This is where an influencer includes a brand’s product into their social media content (post, reel, video or story). The objective here is to increase sales. 


Account takeovers: This is when an influencer takes over and operates a brand’s social account for a short time, bringing their large audience with them. The objective here is to expand the brands’ exposure by increasing the brands’ social media followers. 


Contests or giveaways: This is when influencers give away a product of the brand they work with. Conditions usually include following the brand as well as tagging others. The objective here is to expand the brands’ exposure, increase social media followers and when followed up with a discount code, to increase sales. 


Theme or hashtag campaigns:  This is when an influencer creates and shares content around some central theme or hashtag, related to the brand's product or service. Ideally, the influencer will ask their followers to participate and use the hashtag in order to create more user-generated content (UGC). Here the objective is to increase the brands’ overall brand awareness or become an advocate within a certain topic.


Creative campaigns: This is when we encourage social media influencers to create content to reflect a brand’s message or theme. The objective here is to create more buzz around an already existing campaign. 


How we work as an influencer marketing agency


Factors that may seem minor — hashtags, proper tagging, timing of a post, etc. — have the power to make or break a campaign. This is why it is critical to ensure that every step is carefully assessed in order to reach the desired result. ABCD puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring that we create value by drilling down into the meaningful details through quality control in order to ensure the campaign is a success. 


Here are some of the core activities we undertake as an influencer marketing agency:


Influencer vetting: We source a list of influencers who we believe will best represent your brand. The influencer is going to be seen as a direct extension of the company and of its ethics so it is important that there is a good match. That means we review their overall look & feel, authenticity, engagement rates (beyond a measure of simple vanity metrics like followers, likes and comments), and that they’ll be effective in creating quality content that meets your brand standards. 


Campaign briefs: Campaign briefings help influencers to understand what is required of them to do whilst at the same time allowing them to become a part of the collaborative process. This is vital so that the influencer can also add their creative input to the campaign, ensuring authenticity whilst still making sure that the key messaging is adhered to. 


Influencer coordination and reporting: Besides ensuring that campaign briefs are handled, we also take care of everything else, from rate negotiations, contracts to content review (for quality and legal regulations) as well as campaign reporting. 

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FAQ about influencer marketing agencies 


What are the benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency? 


Working with an agency can be a more cost-effective, less time-consuming way to build and execute your influencer marketing strategy. We can help you set up a strategy and align on campaign goals, vet influencers for you, and do the hands-on work of building a campaign. Furthermore, we know which audiences respond to which types of influencers, social media platforms and campaigns. We can help you bring your campaigns to life by matching you with the right influencer with the right campaigns — and posting on the right platforms. Lastly, we pride ourselves on maintaining positive relationships with every influencer we’ve worked with. This allows us to not only work with influencers with proven success in previous campaigns but also offer critical insights into campaigns.

What is the difference between influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms?

Influencer marketing platforms are useful tools that can help with the influencer vetting. In addition to this, they can provide you with insights about the influencer (metrics, analytics) however, running a successful influencer marketing campaign is still something that requires a specialist who understands influencers, how they think, how the industry works and most importantly, who own and maintain influencer relationships.

How do I get started with an influencer marketing agency? 


​We’d love to find out how we can help you leverage the power of influencer marketing. Use our contact form our Chatbot to reach out and we’ll set up a call. We’re excited to learn more about your business and the areas needing support. We’ll provide you with information on timelines and pricing.

Any other questions? 


Get in touch with us using the contact form and one of our team will be in touch with you.

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