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Why do I need a content strategy?


A content strategy is a critical factor regarding business performance. Building and supporting a cohesive content creation strategy is the first, and arguably the most important step in bringing your company towards success. It represents the heart of your marketing strategy. Without it, the marketing actions would lack substance coherency, making it less relevant to your customers. 


By having a good content strategy in place, you are:

Ensuring cohesiveness

Most campaigns involve multi-channel distribution where content is spread out across a variety of mediums. By ensuring you have a coherent content strategy, each medium, while pushing out its own type of content, will be working together with similar themes and messages. This unified strategy defines the structures necessary to ensure that content is usable, reusable, findable, and relevant. 

Establishing a strong brand identity: 

New content is being published on the internet every second. It is extremely important to stand out in order to differentiate yourself from the masses. A content strategy will provide you with direction for choosing the look and feel, tone of voice and overall approach to take, as well as the specific mediums to utilise. 

Setting up for success

Cohesive content strategies should cover all of your goals and initiatives and include clear plans for tracking and assessing results. With a strategy in place, you’ll have a baseline for determining what works and which doesn't allow you to continually refine your content strategy and make sure your investment is paying off. Also, by having a content strategy in place, you will have higher productivity and less wasted motion, which should ultimately help you see a higher return on your investment. In turn, you can generate a larger number of leads and get more conversions while spending less time and money.   


How we create a content strategy for your brand


We can help you with the steps you need to take in order to develop a cohesive content strategy. 


Firstly, we will help you define your main goals and KPIs. Is it a specific percentile increase in the number of leads your content generates in a month? Is it a higher ROI? Or is it to generate more traffic and backlinks? Is it to improve customer satisfaction? Whatever the main goals are, we will help you define it. 


Secondly, we will help you understand who your audience is. What motivates them? Why does your brand suit them? How does your product or service benefit them? The more in tune we get with your audience, the better we can tailor content toward their needs. This includes targeting publications we know the audience reads.


Once we have a better picture of your audience, we can lock in on what topics they care about the most by performing a SEO analysis and focussing on compiling a list of primary and secondary keywords. Moreover, a content gap analysis will enable us to lay out content topics your audience wants against what they are getting. Ensuring your audience consumes unique and original content is key to achieving success. That is where we will focus on telling unique stories by assessing whether you have interesting internal data, looking at trends, media agendas in order to create interesting content that your audience wants to read and share. The higher the quality of the content, the more valuable it is to your audience, and the more likely they are to engage with your business.


Finally, we can help you create a content calendar and develop an appropriate distribution strategy. The content calendar will inform you exactly when you will receive the content (press release or landing page copy), what information we need from you and other important deadlines such as the pitch and send-out dates.

Content strategy case studies

FAQ about content strategy


What does a content strategy do? 

A content strategy focuses on planning, creating, editing, and publishing relevant content based on your business objectives and audience needs.

Why is content strategy so important? 


Creating content is one of the most important activities a business should be focusing on as it communicates your message, educates your audience and persuades them to buy your products or services over your competition. In addition to this, other benefits include:


  • Being seen as an expert in a particular niche or area which helps build trust.

  • It will help your overall SEO strategy which in turn will increase traffic to your website.

  • It helps increase brand awareness, establish your brand and helps inbound lead sourcing.

What kind of content do you create?

We can help you with various content creation services, ranging from text only, to interactive content, to static visual content. You can find a list of different content formats we have produced so far for our clients below:


  • Press releases (campaign related, launch pr, investor pr)

  • Campaign landing page copy

  • Landing page copy for products or services

  • Static and interactive infographics

  • Static and interactive tables

  • Static and interactive maps 

  • Data-driven stories

  • Whitepapers 

  • Insider guides

  • Advertorials

What are the benefits of having a content strategy? 


There are many benefits to having a content strategy in place, including:


  • It improves your ROI

  • It keeps everybody on the same page

  • It helps publish high quality content, consistently

  • It ensured your content is thought through and supports your KPIs

  • It allows you to track and evaluate what works and what doesn’t 


What are the benefits of having a content strategy? 


We’d love to find out how we can help you leverage the power of creating a coherent content strategy. Use our contact form our Chatbot to reach out and we’ll set up a call. We’re excited to learn more about your business and the areas needing support. We’ll provide you with information on timelines and pricing.

Any other questions? 


Get in touch with us using the contact form and one of our content experts will be in touch with you.

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