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Why should I be interested in social media?


Social media is an excellent communication tool to implement marketing strategies. Social media channels are a place where brands can interact directly with their audience without the need of intermediaries. With a good social media strategy, you can reach the right target audience, expand your audience and communicate directly with your public.

How do you approach social media at ABCD?


At ABCD, we take full care of the brands' social channels in order to maximise their visibility. With our expertise and know-how we guarantee our customers the best possible result in terms of social media management.


Social media content strategy: In accordance with the client's needs, we curate a bespoke social media content strategy for either one or multiple social media channels. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Linkedin, our team has a wealth of combined experience.


Content creation: Our talented copywriters and creatives provide top-quality content to support the social media content strategy, carefully incorporating your brand’s tone of voice and style guidelines.


Community management: One of the main purposes of using social media is to reach as many people as possible in order to expand the audience. At ABCD, we take care of our clients' social media channels in order to make them known to as many people as possible, depending on the target audience and we find the best strategies to increase the visibility.


Customer journey: One of the purposes of using social platforms is the customer journey, i.e. to get potential interested people who have found out about our clients through social media to visit their websites, landing pages or online shops. In order to achieve this, in addition to sharing links and creating quality content, we also cooperate with influencers who are best suited to our clients.


Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is a very strong form of human-to-human marketing that could empower your brand to grow by reaching and converting new and existing audiences. Please find other information about how we approach influencer marketing on our dedicated page.


Reporting: The social media team closely monitors the impact and reach of the social media campaigns and provides ongoing reporting to help the client track its progress over time. 

Social media channels we work with


Instagram: Instagram is the lifestyle social media that allows you to publish photos and videos in form of both posts and stories, i.e. ephemeral content that is automatically deleted after 24 hours. At ABCD, we create a customised posting plan and find the right hashtags for each post according to the customer’s needs.


Facebook: Facebook is the most comprehensive social media today, as it not only allows you to publish photos and posts, but also to share links and texts. Our team of experts manage our clients' Facebook pages in a bespoke way.


TikTok: One of the newest social platforms, TikTok allows you to publish short videos of up to three minutes. TikTok adapts very well to the needs of most brands: the app allows you to create quality content while the algorithm allows you to reach a very high number of users. At ABCD, we help your brand to create the best videos to publish on this platform, always keeping an eye on the latest trends.


Linkedin: The professional social media par excellence. Linkedin is the platform that not only allows a b2c approach with its audience, but also a B2B and employer branding approach, allowing brands to connect with potential employees, funders or other brands as needed.

Q&A about social media


Why is a social media strategy so important? 


Nowadays, every brand uses social media to have direct communication with its audience. Having a team of experts in social media communication  is important in order to make your communication as effective as possible.

What are the short term benefits of social media?


In the short term, a good use of social media can build brand awareness and visibility, as social media channels have the potential to reach a huge audience in a short space of time. The more people become aware of the brand, the more people can become interested in a brand, which in turn can increase website traffic and ultimately sales.

What are the long term benefits of social media?


In the long term, social media is a great way to develop and maintain trust with your customer base, cement loyalty, and remain relevant.

How do I measure the success of social media? 


Success in the use of social media can be measured in different ways: there are surface level metrics related to engagement (such as increase in followers, or likes and shares of a post). Then, there are more technical metrics, such as the increase in traffic to a site driven by a social media campaign, cost per lead, cost per sale, or the return on investment attributed to an influencer campaign.

How do I get started with social media? 


Are you interested in harnessing the power of this exciting online strategy for your brand? Reach out to us at ABCD Agency and we’ll set up a call about how to get started with social media. Depending on the size of the desired stunt and our availability, we can deliver a social media strategy on behalf of your brand within weeks.

Any other questions?


Let’s be social! Reach out to us using the contact form or chat bot, and one of our team will be in touch with you.

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