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Why do I need launch PR?


Launching a product successfully is one of the most crucial and exciting moments for your company. In order to bring any product to market successfully, you need to make people aware of it. Launch PR is all about making influential journalists within your industry aware of your product and its benefits. If you do this successfully, their articles will be picked up by retailers and consumers, who will then be more inclined to trust and ultimately purchase your product. 


How do you approach launch PR?


We help brands stand out as industry leaders and innovators. Today, we regularly support clients across a wide range of industries with new product launches, funding announcements, interviews, roundtables and much more. We work very closely with brands to understand their message and objectives. From travel to technology, we have our fingers on the pulse of a wide range of industries and the respective media. Coverage in industry publications is critical for brands to make their voices heard — and we know how to make our voices heard. We take the following steps with each client:


Strategy: The basis for the correct communication plan for your product launch is a good understanding of your product and your brand. What makes your product unique? What is the added value for the individual target groups? What makes your company different from the others? Who are your target groups? And through which channels and media do you best reach your future ones? A good launch PR strategy should take all these questions into account. Our team of seasoned PR experts will be happy to compile this strategy for you.


Content creation: A detailed, informative press release is at the core of successful launch PR activity. In close cooperation with you and relevant members of your team, we write a press release that contains all relevant facts and information for the journalists. As a PR agency, we craft compelling narratives for the relevant journalists and target groups. 


Pitching: With the press release ready to go, we then go into personal exchange with the editorial offices. With all the knowledge we have gained about your product and company, we know exactly which media to target and with which information we can catch the editors’ attention.


Product sample: A great way to introduce your product to editors is to provide them with a sample. We coordinate the logistics and find the right contacts, so that your product doesn't get lost in the editors' mailboxes. 


Reporting: Good reporting is important for you to evaluate the success of a campaign. We work in a results-oriented way and will create a bespoke dashboard for you, with which you can always track the performance and impact of the launch PR.

Launch PR case studies

We’ve had the pleasure of working with loads of great brands and launching some awesome products.

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What our clients say about us 

Launch PR is one of our cornerstone services here at ABCD. Since we started out as an agency, we’ve overseen hundreds of product launches for our clients.



Managing Director, Rapid Innovation

As innovation consultants and startup builders, we are incredibly proud that with the help of ABCD, we were able to establish a logistics startup like DIZZBO that is now growing extremely fast. Our entire team says thank you to ABCD for the vital cooperation and keep it up!

FAQ about launch PR


What is launch PR?


Launch PR is about making the world aware of your product. In a competitive marketplace with a wide range of products, launch PR is an important part of carving a niche for your product. By making the right journalists aware of it, launch PR should help your product to stand out.

When is the best time to start with launch PR?


A product launch must be well planned, as must the associated press work. Therefore, we recommend starting the consultation work with us as an agency a few months before your envisaged product launch date. We draw up a detailed schedule for our cooperation so that deadlines are clearly defined and are not missed. Once we start cooperating with you, it is preferable that you have product samples ready for us to share with journalists soon after. Favourable product reviews from journalists underpin a successful consumer launch at a later date. 

What are the benefits of doing launch PR with ABCD?

Network: In a fast-moving world with a competitive media landscape, it can be difficult to place a new product in the media, especially for companies that are not yet fully established and have only a low profile. With our journalist networks and extensive knowledge of different media landscapes, we can leverage our connections and expertise to help your product break through the noise. 


Experience: Our accomplished team of communications and marketing professionals have spent years leading internal communications teams. They’ve launched a diverse range of products in a range of industries, and understand the importance of messaging, reputation and brand awareness from a business perspective. 


Strategy and additional services: Taking a strategic approach to launch PR is the most effective way to make an impact. Ideally, launch PR should be part of a wider, strategic marketing plan with other deliverables, such as content marketing and social media. These activities keep your product fresh in the minds of journalists and consumers alike. We can help you ideate and execute additional content campaigns to compliment your launch PR.


Time savings: Working with an agency frees up time for other things. The time around the product launch is typically one of the most exciting and intense phases. Final tests, production delays and strategic questions about customer acquisition are numerous factors that can steal your time and nerves during this phase. By outsourcing launch PR, you have more time for the other challenges and can be sure that press relations won't slip behind in all the hustle and bustle.

Any other questions? 


Need help with press relations for a product launch? Feel free to contact our team for a first meeting.

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