We help brands stand out as industry leaders and innovators.

Our experienced team is made up of communication experts. After years of leading in-house communications teams, they understand the importance of messaging, reputation, and brand awareness from a company perspective. Now, the ABCD Agency team supports a range of clients with new product launches, funding announcements, interviews, roundtables, and much more.

We work very closely with brands to understand their message and their goals. From travel to telecommunications, we have our fingers on the pulse of a wide range of industries, and the relevant media outlets. Coverage in industry publications is essential for every brand looking to be heard—and we know how to make noise.

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Managing Director, Rapid Innovation

As innovation consultants and startup builders, we are incredibly proud that with the help of ABCD, we were able to establish a logistics startup like DIZZBO that is now growing extremely fast. Our entire team says thank you to ABCD for the vital cooperation and keep it up!


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