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Why do I need copywriting?


Our many years of experience in content marketing enable us to create appealing texts for your brand that engage your target group and increase your sales. We take on different roles for you: We write texts for your landing page, break down complicated technical language into easy-to-understand sentences, compose appealing blog posts or write concise advertising texts. By choosing us as your copywriters, you can better focus on your other business areas.


Copywriting from ABCD Agency


At ABCD, we do copywriting for different types of content. Whether it's for landing pages, e-books, product descriptions, scientific or medical texts; we make sure that our texts are SEO-optimised and that they contain all relevant keywords. If the content is also intended for other markets, our international team will adapt it specifically for that market.


The texts we write reflect the values of your brand and create a lasting impact on readers. We find the right approach for you with creative topics, selected words, on the channels that are decisive for you, in order to move the readers. In doing so, we do not lose sight of the following aspects.


Emotions: Marketing texts should trigger emotions in the target group. After all, emotions are what move people to action and strengthen their ties to your brand. By addressing their problems with our texts and offering solutions at the same time, we reach them on two different emotional levels. Whereby we move them to action with the positive feeling of finding a solution.


Added value: We make sure that our content delivers added value. We explain facts, offer readers solutions to their problems and satisfy their need for entertainment. To do this, we first take a close look at your product or service ourselves. Curiosity is in our blood and we love to read up on new topics. Through our broad spectrum of topics as a creative agency, we have acquired a fundamental knowledge of thematic correlations and focal points in a wide variety of markets over the years.


Approach: The art of copywriting lies in capturing readers with texts that are easy for them to understand. To do this, we find the right wording without getting lost in overly complicated descriptions. Despite the practicality of the texts, we make sure that we keep the naturalness in the writing. The use of keywords and purchase recommendations are wrapped up in words without falling into overly technical structures. In doing so, we do not lose sight of the channel for which the texts are intended, because whether newsletter, social media posting, ad, email marketing, landing pages or product description, every text form has its pitfalls.


Topics: We feed readers with information that makes them want to know more. We find topics your target group didn't even know they were interested in. Or we know the topics they just can't get enough of. Therefore, we know exactly which adjustments we have to make in order to give already occupied topics a fresh coat of paint with a fresh approach. 

Copywriting case studies


Copywriting is our brand essence. In over 200 projects, we have already created campaigns and texts for clients from a wide variety of industries on a wide variety of topics. 



Pride Flags


Apartment Building


What our clients say about us 

Copywriting is our brand essence. In over 200 projects, we have already created campaigns and texts for clients from a wide variety of industries on a wide variety of topics. 



Digital Marketing Manager, Aeris

We approached ABCD to produce SEO-friendly German articles for our website. ABCD impressed by delivering on a tight deadline, and only limited input from our side. They handled the rather technical nature of the topics very well and were able to deliver great content on time and on budget.

FAQ about copywriting


What exactly is copywriting?


Copywriting is writing marketing or advertising texts: Texts that are meant to sell or persuade. "Copy" are the words that make up these texts, and copywriters are those who write them. Basically, copywriting is about serving people who have a need with the best solution to that need, and doing it in such a way that the copy establishes a connection with that target audience. They tell the story of your brand and in the end form the image that your customers and those who are to become customers have of your brand, your product or your service. 


If your company is active in the digital sector and reaches consumers via your website, email or social media, then accurate content is indispensable for each of your channels. We help you optimise the content on your website, in your e-book or newsletter.

What do we look for in copywriting?


The written word is essential for increasing brand awareness. With copywriting, we influence the image that existing or potential customers have of your brand. As copywriters, we deliver texts tailored to the channels your target group prefers to use. Our goal is to move people beyond reading to action. We achieve this best by arousing emotions. After all, most decisions are made for emotional reasons. To achieve this, we set the right triggers with convincing content in the various types of text, whether product descriptions or newsletters. 


In order to find the right tone, we need to have the right instinct, which we have honed in our many years of experience. With attention to detail, we scrutinise every word and every sentence to ensure that we meet the exact needs of the reader and thus optimise your conversions.

What are the benefits of copywriting at ABCD?

Our team at ABCD Agency shares a love of writing. We pride ourselves on producing industry-leading content and place a high value on first-class copy. Every piece of copy is carefully crafted to the highest standard. Multiple drafts are refined internally before being passed on to clients to contribute. We work meticulously to ensure you are happy with the final product.


By choosing us as your copywriters, you not only save valuable time, but also the hassle of finding the right translators. Our core team includes German, English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish copywriters ready to support your brand. In addition, our extensive network of freelancers complements us with excellent texts in more than 30 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Portuguese. We are experienced experts when it comes to blog articles, landing pages, product descriptions, email campaigns, social media posts, white papers and website copy.

Any other questions? 


Want to take your target audience with you on your brand story? We'll pick them up for you with target group-specific copywriting. Feel free to contact our team for a first meeting.

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