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Why should I do lead generation?

Every business out there has three things in common: there is always some kind of product on offer, there is always the need to attract interest, and finally, the necessity of converting enough interested people into actual customers. This is why successful lead generation is so important to the long-term success of your business. 


Reaching relevant audiences and building your brand’s visibility and credibility among them can help you to spark interest in what you offer, and to ultimately drive sales and business growth. Lead generation campaigns have the potential to deliver a constant stream of new customers into your sales funnel over time at a relatively low cost, which is why it’s time to incorporate lead generation activities into your inbound marketing strategy.


How do you approach lead generation at ABCD?


As a creative communications agency that’s passionate about curating engaging content, we’re skilled at ideating, putting together and executing successful lead generation campaigns on behalf of our clients. Our talented team has extensive experience working in award-winning, in-house inbound marketing teams; nowadays, they’re agency-side and ready to help your brand refine and expand its lead generation activity. If you’re interesting in working with us on a lead generation campaign, we approach lead generation in the following way: 


Brief: Firstly, we’ll meet with you to better understand your business, your brand, and the kind of lead you’re looking for. Every lead generation client of ours is different, and we make sure to start the partnership with a crystal clear understanding of what you need. We want to get you the best results possible from your campaign. Whether you’re aiming to reach business owners, investors, or regular consumers, we’re prepared to create something bespoke to help you achieve your goals. 


Strategy: Based on your input and our experience, we’ll create a lead generation strategy that is unique to your brand and orientated around your ideal lead. We will pitch this to you and then refine it based on your feedback and input. The kind of strategy proposal we make depends on the brief. Perhaps you’re interested in putting extra marketing budget behind your lead generation campaign—for example, using Outbreak or LinkedIn Ads to promote your campaign. Alternatively, your focus may be on a purely organic campaign that attracts relevant leads over time that land on the campaign thanks to certain keywords.


Content creation: Once everyone is in agreement about the lead generation strategy, our content team will get to work on curating the first campaign. Lead generation pieces vary hugely from brand to brand—for example, a playful listicle by a travel company about places to go can spark interest from leisure travellers in their trips. In contrast, a company offering a service to other businesses may be more likely to reach business decision makers with a more serious thought leadership whitepaper. For a startup seeking investment, an inspiring narrative about a company’s beginnings, founders, and progress to date may inspire a potential investor to commit to that company. Others may add a simple lead generation form to an existing content campaign. 


Our versatile team is very savvy when it comes to SEO-optimised copy and experienced in creating a diverse range of content formats. We carefully ensure that your lead generation piece is keyword optimised and conversion optimised. This will help your campaign to attract and convert organic visitors over time.


Launch: After extensive quality assurance, the approved lead generation will go live. If you wish, our experts will work with you to arrange paid marketing activities to promote the campaign. This can be a useful way for your lead generation efforts to reach more eyeballs in a shorter space of time. Using a range of tools, we can help you track and measure the performance of your lead generation campaign from the very beginning. 

Lead generation case studies 

Want to learn more about some of our most successful lead generation campaigns to date? Below, we’ve included links to some of our favourite case studies which brought great results for our clients. If you prefer, let’s jump on a video call and we will happily introduce you to some relevant examples for your brand. 

What our clients say about us 

We’ve done some seriously successful lead generation campaigns to date on behalf of a range of brands in different industries. Read more below about how our previous efforts have secured high-value leads for our clients.



Managing Partner, SimCog

Our lead generation campaign with ABCD actually exceeded our expectations. Together, we created a study that was hosted on a special landing page and downloadable in exchange for a business email. The campaign generated 10 leads to C-level decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry.

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FAQ about lead generation


What is lead generation?


Lead generation is all about creating interest in a product or service among potential customers. A successful lead generation campaign should raise awareness among relevant people by capturing their attention. The ultimate goal of capturing the attention of relevant audiences is to fill your sales pipeline with interested leads. With the right kind of content and nurturing, these interested leads can then become customers for your business. 

What are the short term benefits of a lead generation campaign?


If your lead generation campaign is a newsworthy, engaging piece of content and reaches plenty of eyeballs through media or word of mouth, you will see an immediate uptick in website traffic, and additional interest in your product or service. If these visitors are relevant to what you offer, you’ll also see a short-term spike in sales. Allocating marketing budget to promote a lead generation campaign is a good way to generate additional interest and win some new customers in the short-term.

What are the long term benefits of a lead generation campaign?


In the long term, a successful lead generation campaign should deliver a steady stream of potential customers to your website at minimal effort and cost. With the right kind of keyword optimisation and subsequent organic rankings, these visitors will arrive free of charge via Google to the respective landing page. Generating the right kind of leads over time is fundamental for any healthy business.

How do I measure the success of lead generation?


The most common metrics used when measuring a lead generation campaign are the following: total visitors to the campaign, click through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CR). The total number of visitors indicates overall interest in the campaign. A higher click through rate and a higher conversion rate indicates the success of a lead generation campaign.

How do I get started with lead generation? 


If you’re interested in doing a lead generation campaign with your brand, let’s talk! Our highly enthusiastic team will set up a call with you to discuss the background of your company, what you’d like to achieve, and what our processes are here at ABCD.

Any other questions? 


Reach out to us here at ABCD Agency using the contact form and one of our experts will gladly answer any questions you may have. 


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