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Zipjet is a dry-cleaning service with an integrated delivery service. This means that ZipJet accepts orders via its smartphone app and website and allows users to select a convenient pickup time and place for the ZipJet driver to pick up the laundry or dry cleaning. These are then returned to the user, clean and crisp, again at a time of the customer’s choosing. ZipJet is based in London, UK, Berlin, Germany, as well as Paris, France. The campaigns key objectives included:


  • Obtain links from authoritative websites in order to strengthen ZipJet’s domain authority

  • Generate more awareness in the core markets and thereby contribute to increasing the number of leads


ABCD decided to investigate the bacteria commuters are exposed to in London, Paris and Berlin. We made sure that samples were taken from locations where passengers touch shared spaces during their commute, i.e. the back seats of cabs, a bench at victoria station etc. The swabs were sent to a laboratory in Mannheim, where they were processed to identify different microorganisms. 

Based on the level of concentration of the bacteria, ABCD then compiled a list of the dirtiest forms of transport based on how many strains of bacteria were found and how dangerous each bacteria was.

The data and content were hosted on three separate landing pages for Berlin, Paris and London so there was a linkable asset for publications to link to. To view the UK campaign, click here.


The campaign secured 42 clippings, with 25 backlinks. The campaign has only been seeded in the 3 targeted cities and has successfully been covered in all relevant media outlets. 

Links from top sites such as: 

Coverage from publications such as: 


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