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ABCD Agency’s Favourite Christmas TV Adverts of 2021

They make great water cooler talking points every year, whether they’re tear jerkers or full of celebrity cameos. Christmas TV Adverts capture viewers' imaginations and can quickly go viral.

From supermarkets to banks, telecommunications companies and more, plenty of big businesses spend big money and hire the best creative producers in the hopes of creating the most talked about Christmas TV advert of the year.

This year is no different so we decided to sit down and compile a selection of our favourites from around the globe. Grab a Glühwein and get the tissues ready and enjoy our ten favourite Christmas adverts of 2021 so far!

10. Aldi - Christmas Carrot

Here at ABCD, we love a pun, and this Christmas advert from supermarket Aldi for audiences in the UK is full of them. Here’s a Christmas Carrot:

9. Amazon - Kindness, the Greatest Gift

Next up from the world’s largest online retailer is a feel good advert reminding us to look out for each other, especially after the corona pandemic. This holiday advert from Amazon is called: Kindness, the Greatest Gift.

8. Coca Cola - Real Magic

Neighbourliness is also the theme of this year’s advert for the world’s largest beverage company, who is famous for its Christmas trucks. This advert from Coca Cola is called Real Magic and shows that if we work together, we can help others have a happier Christmas.

7. McDonalds Deutschland - Die Zauberpommes

Staying with magic, McDonalds Deutschland’s Christmas advert is about magical french fries and really helps build the Christmas spirit. The advert, which is aimed at German speaking audiences, was actually filmed in the beautiful Slovenian city of Maribor and not in Germany.

6. Lidl - Big on a Christmas you can ALWAYS believe in

Spending Christmas with family can be repetitive, with relatives always asking the same questions and some telling the same jokes. This is the theme of the supermarket Lidl’s Christmas advert for audiences in Great Britain. The advert takes a peek into the future but shows that some things and some people never change.

5. Ikea UK - Every Home Should Be a Haven

Next up is the Swedish furniture retail company Ikea. Their Christmas advert for the UK brings the cuteness factor with their big muscly teddy bears who help make sure this father and daughter have a wonderful time together at Christmas.

4. Deutsche Telekom - The Biggest Gift

Deutsche Telekom’s Christmas advert has a lovely heartwarming twist to it. It is about a grandfather and grandson who haven’t seen each other in person for a while, tapping into the topic of isolation during the pandemic.

3. Orange - Together Season

Network provider Orange draws on the idea of lockdown with the story of a cute snowman who has to stay indoors all year and can only come out when winter returns.

2. Erste - Believe in Tomorrow

Hot on the heels of COP-26, the Vienna-based banking group Erste has a great animated Christmas advert that reminds people to think about sustainability during the holiday season.

1. Celebrations - The Lonely Bounty

The accolade of our favourite Christmas advert goes to Celebrations chocolates. This one made us giggle and sob. It’s about the lonely bounty who no one wants, but in a great twist, is able to find companionship with a Brussels sprout (for the record, we love bounties and Brussels sprout).

That's all, folks! Happy Christmas!

Like advent calendars, Christmas adverts have become an annual tradition. We love Christmas adverts here at ABCD—it's fascinating for us to see how different brands bring new ideas to the table in an attempt to attract new customers, and to increase their visibility through viral content.

ABCD wishes you a very Merry Christmas from Berlin.

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