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Study Reveals Europe's Most Athletic Countries

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands are among the most athletic countries in professional sports.

Hamburg, 23rd. July 2021 - Today is the first day of the Tokyo Olympics, and the digital, independent broker for real estate financing, Baufi24, has taken the Games as an opportunity to determine the most athletic countries in Europe with a comprehensive statistical analysis. In addition to the Olympic successes, the performance of professionals in the sports of soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis, the commitment of the population to mass sports and the strength of the sports economy were also evaluated. The result is the following ranking of Europe's athletic nations.

  1. Sweden: Sport increasingly has economic significance. In no other country in Europe is this more evident than in Sweden. Almost two percent of the population is employed in some form in the sports economy. While this may not sound like much, it is the largest share of employment in Europe, and 71 percent of Swedes also participate in sports at least once a week.

  2. Norway: The Scandinavian country regularly sweeps the board at the Olympics. In relation to its population, no other nation has won as many Olympic medals as Norway. Norwegian athletes took home gold, silver or bronze a total of 521 times. The most successful sport is cross-country skiing.

  3. Netherlands: The Dutch prefer to demonstrate their enthusiasm for sports from the sidelines. No other European nation attends live sporting events more often, as a data analysis shows. This passionate support from Dutch fans apparently has an impact on the performance of professional players. Dutch teams are among the most successful in Europe.

  4. Switzerland: The Swiss are generally considered to be leisurely, but the results of this study dispel that preconception. In fact, the Swiss are among the most active nations in Europe when it comes to sports. They are enormously committed to popular sports. More than two-thirds of the population exercises weekly. In professional sports, Switzerland dominates all other countries, especially in tennis.

  5. Finland: Instead of watching others play sports, the Finns prefer to be active themselves: 74 percent of the population exercises at least once a week. While the professionals are not very successful in the European and international leagues, the situation is different at the Olympic Games. Finnish athletes won 470 medals. Track and field athletes and cross-country skiers were the most successful.

Other key findings:

  • The UK comes in second place for Gold wins in the Olympics with 274 medals, losing out to Germany. The UK also has the second highest Silver wins with 299 medals missing out to Norway who have 590

  • The UK brings in the most amount of money in professional sports leagues with a score of 100. The UK also hires the second most amount of people in sport, with a score of 1.3 narrowly missing out to Sweden with a score of 1.59

  • Ireland spends the most amount of money on sports goods in the household

The entire ranking with detailed information on the methodology and all sources used can be found here:

About Baufi24: Hamburg-based Baufi24 Baufinanzierung AG is one of Germany's major real estate financing intermediaries for construction financing, building savings and loans. Led by CEO Tomas Peeters and founders and board members Stephan Scharfenorth, Michael Lorenz, Başar Canıperk and Gernot Schusser, fintech stands for smart, innovative real estate financing. Baufi24 started in 2006 as a search engine for construction financing and has positioned itself since 2017 as a holistic, independent real estate financing broker. For every financing request, Baufi24 compares the offers of 450 banks with the aim of providing its customers with faster loan approvals with less bureaucracy. The digital offering combines Baufi24 with currently 60 franchise-operated branches for personal advice on site as well as via video. The Baufi24 Group includes the consumer offerings Baufi24, Kredit24 and LoanLink24 as well as the B2B company FinLink. Up-to-date the Baufi24 group employs 100 coworkers at the head office Hamburg as well as in Berlin, Mannheim and Munich.

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