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Campaign Case Study: Weed Index

Background: Not every campaign we execute here at ABCD has to be on behalf of a brand. We love identifying exciting content gaps, which can be opportunities for our clients, but also for us as an agency. Some topics fly in the news but are considered too risky for firms. One such topic that we identified as taboo for most companies but immensely newsworthy was cannabis.

What we did: To coincide with 4/20, we decided to create the Weed Index on a special non-branded landing page. The aim of the index was to provide information on the following data points:

  • The price of cannabis around the world

  • The varying levels of legality

  • Consumption on a city-by-city basis

  • The potential tax revenue from cannabis if legalised

What we found: Our research team uncovered that New York City consumes more marujana than any other city in the world. What’s more, we estimated that the Big Apple could bring in a whopping $156.4 million of tax revenue from legalising and taxing cannabis at the same rate as cigarettes—which is equivalent to free school meals for every single child in NYC for three months!

Results: The Weed Index went seriously viral. To date, the campaign has generated more than 1,000 clippings and 436 backlinks, including the Daily Mail, VICE, TimeOut, Business Insider, and BILD. Even The Economist covered the index and mentioned ABCD Agency in their article! As the topic continues to evolve, we revise the landing page on a yearly basis.

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