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The Most Popular Olympic Sports by Country

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

At ABCD Agency and Rascasse, we’re crazy about the Olympics. We’ve been glued to this summer’s games, marvelling as world records were smashed, favourites flopped, and new stars emerged. As certain regions of the globe excelled in certain areas, we decided to investigate the following question: what are the most popular Olympic sports in every country around the world?

Using Rascasse, a consumer insights tool that measures interests expressed online using artificial intelligence, we were able to determine which are the most popular Olympic sports in 154 countries. From volleyball in Mongolia to baseball in the Philippines, we uncovered some fascinating findings around the world. Hover over the visualisation below to find out the top five Olympic sports per country (click bottom right to zoom).

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How We Produced This Map

ABCD Agency and Rascasse partnered up in July 2021 to create this map of the Most Popular Olympic Sports around the world. Rascasse is able to map interests in more than 275,000 topics by analysing likes on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Rascasse also analyses search behaviour on Google and Bing, and streaming activity on YouTube and Spotify.

Rascasse recorded more than 7.5 billion total interests in 63 sports. Although only 33 sports are in the Tokyo Olympics, 63 were counted because certain umbrella terms were broken down into specific events: for instance, athletics was split into the various different track and field events. Football and basketball were excluded from the study. To understand more about how Rascasse works, please visit their website.

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